Aurelio Maldonado

“The Werewolf Dreamer”. Excitable Hispanic Male with Baggy Clothes


Blood: 1
Heart: 0
Mind: 0
Spirit: 1

Mortality: 1
Night: 1
Power: -1
Wild: 1

A duffel bag with your personal belongings, a shitty cell phone,
A sub nosed revolver (2-harm, close loud reload concealable)
Switchblade (2-harm hand conceable)

-Someone is hiding you from someone, or something powerful you owe them a debt
-Someone hired you for a job and you fucked it up you owe them 2 debts
+ Someone lives in your territory, benefiting from your protection, they owe you a debt.

The Transformation
+ You gain +1 Armor while transformed
+ You transform every night not just when the moon is full
-Sometimes you lose control while transformed
- When you transform roll Keep Your Cool or declare a hunt (corruption)

Your Territory
+Your territory spans several city blocks (add blessing +Influence)
+Your territory includes grounds for you to roam and hunt (add blessing +Hunting ground)
-Someone more powerful than you wants your territory and is working to get it (add trouble +encroachment)
-Your territory is plagued by a magical or supernatural presence (add trouble +haunted)

Drama Moves:
Corruption: When you begin a hunt for someone, mark corruption

Intimacy: When you share a moment of Intimacy, you create a primal bond with them; you always know where to find them and when they’re in trouble. This bond last until the end of the session

End: When you die or retire your character, anyone in the scene you wish to protect escapes and reaches safety, no matter the odds.

Wolf Moves
+ Comes With the Territory
If you are actively patrolling your territory at the start of a session roll with Blood on a 10+ your territory is secure and trouble is at a minimum: take +1 Ongoing to Hit The Streets in your territory. On a 7-9 one of your troubles surfaces (your choice) but things are mostly stable. On a miss or if you aren’t attending to your territory things go south and our troubles are fast and furious

When you hunt someone roll with Blood on a hit you know exactly where they are on a 10
take +1 forward against them on a miss someone unpleasant finds you first

+From the Brink
You can exit your wolf form at will When you do roll with Spirit on a hit, you change back on a 7-9 take one harm or mark corruption. On a miss you change but the transformation is incomplete lengthy or painful.


Hailing from the Maldonado family. Aurelio was born in a small barrio near one of the rivers inside Galestine. An enclosed community for minorities and members of the Night faction, the Maldonado’s were a family of werewolves that were unofficially the communities leaders. Aurelio’s father Damien Maldonado was a werewolf himself. His mother Corina was a mortal. Aurelio’s family was well off considering the impoverished state of the territory. From a young age Aurelio was told to never leave the walls of The Maldonado Territory. Especially after dark when his wolf form would manifest. Damien insisted that Aurelio learned how to tame the beast and quell the raging power it entailed. Aurelio was groomed from a Young age to lead the territory in succession of his father. Aurelio knowing the responsibility wondered how he could effectively defend his people. If he never knew or understood what was out in the rest of Galestine. Soon Aurelio had a chance to learn. A hunter named Nadia entered the territory. She was a hunter of Tainted And their demonic patrons. Aurelio was adverse to hunting tainted, but worked to help Nadia with a case in his territory. The two bonded in that time and when she offered to allow him to accompany her, he jumped at the chance. Estranging his relationship to his family, but allowing him to follow his dream. Perky and excitable Aurelio Now works with his partner all around Galestine learning about the city and keeping it safe from demonic forces. Aurelio is free and while he plans to return to his community. He hopes to work to open its doors too Galestine. Nadia is his best friend and he questions what future they could have., but for now he’s decided not to worry so much. For once Aurelio is finally free.

Aurelio Maldonado

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