Daniel Romero

"Sick but Strong"


Pretty pale, small and frail. Daniel is almost always an easy-going guy. He will have his doubts, but he won’t call you out, even if you did something terrible. He’s too shy and hesitant for that. Other than that, don’t count on Daniel to be your knight in shining armor. He’s not the best health wise. He’s good for emotional health though; he’s a great listener.


Daniel Romero has lived alone the majority of his young adult-life. He got diagnosed with an illness (illness TBD) in the middle of high school, causing him to get weaker and lose most of his friends. He wasn’t capable of going out with them anymore, and it was too much to have a friend who you knew might leave one day and never come back. The only person who really was there for him was his best friend Lydia-Rae. She was there even when his parents weren’t, and they made this brotherly-sisterly bond that would always keep them by each other’s side. When Lydia became a member of the Guild of Good For Nothing’s, Daniel soon joined the group, the Guild becoming his new family.

Daniel Romero

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