Puyori Moregh

"The Lone Wolf Mom (A.K.A. The Cold but Caring Mom)"


Puyori is a lone wolf… and a wolf. She is cold and sort of mean, but she means well. She’s older than most of the Guild of Good For Nothing’s members, but that doesn’t make her any less of a member than anyone else. You don’t see her all too often, mostly because she has other important business to attend to. Even though it’s hard to gain her trust, once you got it, it’s sacred. She would do anything to help and protect you, just as how a mother would.


Puyori is a bit of a loner when it comes to being a part of the Guild of Good For Nothing’s. She joined because of her pal Kass, but when she first joined the others were a bit wary around her. She was a wolf and by her tendencies, she seemed like a threat, but despite the Guild’s first thoughts on her, they all quickly warmed up to each other. Before they would be scared when Puyori walks into a room, but now they’re scared of being caught by Puyori doing something they’re not supposed to be doing, such as not doing their part of the chores. Puyori really is the mom of the group and she has a lot of stories to tell, which the Guild will gladly listen to. She also has some great advice to give, so she’s not really as mean as she looks.

Puyori Moregh

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